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How Does It Work?


  • 1 Register your company filling the online form.
  • 2 Detail your offer, completing the product template
    (Make sure that you fill in all the mandatory fields).
    Once you are ready submit your offer!
  • 3 The nearest Stonedeal agent will contact you within 24 hours to validate your offer.  Once approved it goes live!
  • 4 Once an order is placed for your offer, your assigned agent will contact you to confirm, schedule and provide you with shipment details.
  • 5 When the container is filled and ready to ship, Stonedeal will transfer your payment.


  • 1 Select the offer or product you like and add it to your shopping cart. You can add different products but make sure that you have reached a full load and all items are from the same seller.
  • 2 Within 24 hours, you will receive a pro forma and order details including the freight to your nearest port, along with a tentative date for shipment.
  • 3 Confirm that all details are correct and then transfer 50% as a deposit of your invoice onto our account. Please provide us with a copy of your swift and receipt for the transaction.
  • 4 Fill the requested documentation for customs clearance.
  • 5 When the order is loaded, you will receive the final invoice.
  • 6 Shipping documentation will go to your address 3 working days after the departure of the ship.